Latest games

Mr Loony RideMr Loony Ride
Mr.Looney is back. This time he is riding his new truck. Collect Burgers and drinks and reach to the end of the level.
Cycle ScrambleCycle Scramble
Welcome to Cycle Scramble! Race as some wacky characters as you try to become the champion!
Bar BalanceBar Balance
You're against the clock in order to get the highest score possible. Do you risk going for the big multiplier at the edge of the bar or play it safe a...
Word MountainWord Mountain
In this universe, you climb by typing words. The faster you type, the faster you climb. Watch out for the evil computer climber, he`s always trying to...
Blosics 2 Level PackBlosics 2 Level Pack
Launch balls into stacks of blocks. Your goal is to knock off enough green blocks in each stage to progress.
Death WormDeath Worm
Play as a humongous death worm jump in and out of the ground and destroy everything you can in 60 seconds!


Drunken MastersDrunken Masters
Barkeep as bar keep can! In this stylish bartender simulation game your the barm...
Sushi Go RoundSushi Go Round
You are the replacement Chef, you have a 1-week trial to use the correct recipes...
Papa's PizzeriaPapa's Pizzeria
Help Roy run the pizzeria while Papa Louie is gone! You'll have to take orders, ...
Jane's Hotel Family HeroJane's Hotel Family Hero
What would you do if you had a chance to restore the famous chain of hotels that...
Burger QueenBurger Queen
The Burger Queen Game is a burger stand simulation game similar to the Lemonade ...
Zombie BurgerZombie Burger
Even the undead enjoy a quick snack. Serve up grotesque meals for your zombie cu...


Picnic Basket DefensePicnic Basket Defense
Defense game with new features and an awesome theme. The ants are attacking. Pre...
Brute WarsBrute Wars
Play Brute Wars Game and assemble a crack team of animal hardened warriors each ...
Zombies. You've shot them, stabbed them, sliced and diced them. Today I put you ...
Locks QuestLocks Quest
Defend Lock's homeland against invading enemies. Fire cannonballs at the approac...
Stoneage Sam 2 The Ice AgeStoneage Sam 2 The Ice Age
Stoneage Sam is back with the second and very puzzling point and click adventure...
Builders BrawlBuilders Brawl
Builders Brawl is the ultimate turn based artillery game, featuring 35 power-pac...

Puzzle & Skill

Quién quiere ser millonario?Quién quiere ser millonario?
Spanish version of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?"
Mystery CaseMystery Case
This sad story began when I was out on a short business trip... My daughter was ...
Bar BalanceBar Balance
You're against the clock in order to get the highest score possible. Do you risk...
Dynamic SystemsDynamic Systems
Play dynamic systems game and try to get the metal ball into the old rust bucket...
Dynamite BlastDynamite Blast
Blast bridges, towers and vehicles with dynamite.You need to place the dynamite ...
Click Play 3Click Play 3
Try to find the play button on each level - fast paced fun little game!


Flash GolfFlash Golf
Flash golf is a game similar to the classic mini-golf with tubes holes fans movi...
Free Kick ChallengeFree Kick Challenge
Hark back to yester-year in this old school challenge. Great game : )Nowyou seet...
Shoot' em InShoot' em In
Move the player inside the half-circle with the mouse and click to shoot
Pinch Hitter 2Pinch Hitter 2
This sandlot really rocks. Choose your colors and see how many tasks you can get...
Hit the JackpotHit the Jackpot
Shoot the targets with your bow n arrow as you move up in the tournament and the...
Hottie HoopsHottie Hoops
Starlets are looking for some fun. Up for some One on One? Well, first, you'll h...


Mario´s Adventure 2Mario´s Adventure 2
A new Mario game with much improved graphics similar to the DS
Street SeshStreet Sesh
Perform tricks on your skateboard and score points.
The Amazing SpidermanThe Amazing Spiderman
You must make it to the end of each level by collecting T-shirts. Don't fall bel...
Pixel KnightPixel Knight
A fun platform survival game! Arrow keys or wasd to move. C or CTRL to throw.
Fancy Pants Sneak PeekFancy Pants Sneak Peek
The Fancy Pants Adventures game is coming to a console near you very soon and th...
Hooked on YouHooked on You
Help Spongebob avoid the hooks and rescue Patrick.


Blob FarmBlob Farm
Drag the blobs around away from the green slime and bowling balls rockets and ot...
Catch 'em if you canCatch 'em if you can
Join the chicken farming frenzy! Help Farmer Henry make a mint in eggs with an a...
One Million Thank YousOne Million Thank Yous
Here's an obnoxious way of saying Thank You... a million times in fact. (Thank y...
Naughty OfficeNaughty Office
Always dreamed of spicing up your workplace? Well, this is your chance.
Hire A Private EyeHire A Private Eye
You have been hired by Willie Everlearn to conduct surveillance on his fiance, J...
Pierce the zombies with sharp elongated poles or stakes


Rockets are launched into the air. Click on the matching colored detonator when ...
Army of the DeadArmy of the Dead
Shoot the zombies that are attacking you - to make a kill hit them in the head...
Last BulletLast Bullet
Use this shooting-range bonanza to learn to make the most of every last bullet.
Mafia The RevengeMafia The Revenge
You belong to one of the dangerous mafia families of the world. The day started ...
Sniper MarioSniper Mario
The way the original Mario game should be played! Space to zoom in. Mouse to aim...
Command And DefendCommand And Defend
Help the general defend the base. You have several weapons at your disposal, thr...


Docking Perfection 2Docking Perfection 2
Who pays the ferryman? Pick up the impatient punters and take them from jetty to...
Abba the FoxAbba the Fox
Collect the envelopes from distant areas using the post office hang glider.
Collect all of the red stars to get points, collect the blue question marks for ...
Mario Star Catrcher 2Mario Star Catrcher 2
Funny game where Mario need to catch all stars of each level.
Nesquik QuestNesquik Quest
Help the rabbit to get a cool Nesquik!
Bomb JackBomb Jack
A flash remake of the arcade game BombJack. Jack "defuses" the bombs by simply t...


Street FighterStreet Fighter
A nice fighting game were you have special powers and fight like a ninja.
Sketchbook SamuraiSketchbook Samurai
Free spirited wackheads unite to help Hitomi fight her enemies - the evil mental...
Hack, slash and spear your way through 15 stages of Greek warriors.
The Lone NinjaThe Lone Ninja
A small and addictive ninja adventure game to play! Kill the enemies that oppose...
Trojan HeroTrojan Hero
Use your sword to defend your self from the barbarians.
Bakers DefenseBakers Defense
Thieves are after your family's secret recipe, it's time to exchange your oven m...


Adrenaline ChallengeAdrenaline Challenge
I am completely addicted to this amazing game! Just try it.
4 x 4 Rally4 x 4 Rally
In this 4x4 extreme racing you will be racing on multiple terrains such as ice s...
Offroad MadnessOffroad Madness
Tilty trucks? What insanity is this? Why can't you stay on the road like normal ...
Donkey Kong ATVDonkey Kong ATV
Diddy Kong is driving on the ATV to help Donkey Kong collecting his Banana's. Ca...
Mining Truck 2 Trolley TransportMining Truck 2 Trolley Transport
A skill driving game.
Moto Trial FestMoto Trial Fest
Awesome skill driving game!


Come and play the classic game of battleships1. Select a ship. 2.Use keyboard ar...
The classic arcade game from 1979.
Push ItPush It
Push the blocks onto the markers without getting any of them stuck.
Rock Paper Scissors!Rock Paper Scissors!
The old classic game of Rock Paper Scissors! Pick your throw before the count of...
Space BugsSpace Bugs
This is a newer version of the classic vertical space shooters with an promising...
No words needed to present this game. If you are addicted to it, play it!


Card SolitaireCard Solitaire
Like Windows solitaire
Play a game of casino blackjack double down split bet thousands of chips and win...
Grand RouletteGrand Roulette
A real roulette. Train hard and win in a real Casino next weekend.
Quickly! Put your cards ordered in the middle before your opponent! Very funny!
Big Kahuna Slot MachineBig Kahuna Slot Machine
Even though you don't like those slot machines and least of all gambling web gam...
Carnival JackpotCarnival Jackpot
Form a line of three in a row and win the carnival jackpot!