We want to be the social media marketplace for pet owners!

Peteco, the worlds first social and e-commerce platform
– enables pet owners to bring the experience of having a pet to a whole new level
– being closer to the needs of the pet
– easing the duties of being the owner and obtain a better and happier life for the real best friend
– experience of treating the pet as the true family member.

Peteco will help pet owners to find the same breed partner, to find best training material, to improve the life style of their pet, to order the best products (or services like medical, grooming and many more), to track their pet, to socialize and to interact with friends and even to donate to a pet related case.

We are a start-up in early stage and we are open (or interested) to attract investors in order to develop and grow faster our product. If you like to add us to your portfolio, please complete the form below.

We will contact you back ASAP with extensive information to show you the future of the pet world!