This is the story of our lives. Past, present and future. It is not the usual roadmap because we will handle concepts like love, pets, user experience and many more, all of them embedded into the latest technology which, financially speaking, will have both traditional and crypto worlds.

First wave – Launching an advanced technological product and embedding marketing knowhow from the start.

Market research – Romania e-commerce


We studied all of the domains and entire e-commerce market in Romania and published the first #status PR messages (PHP has been used @ AgileMedia); 

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Market research – Europe


We refined the process internally and studied e-commerce sites in different countries like Italy, Germany, UK, France  (technology Mnogosearch and Scrapy has been used @ AgileMedia);


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We have conducted a test to sell products based on a complex Google Adwords campaign (with automated bidding written right into Adwords) for a e-commerce site. We sold in two days products with a total value of aprox. 15000 EUR by spending aprox. 300 EUR. We used a third party company to certify our results. We will pour the entire knowledge into open source plugin MatrixPPC on a future date;

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Studying e-commerce stores


We studied all of the e-commerce stores built on Prestashop, Magento, Opencart, Woocommerce (we are monitoring with our crawlers more than 3M stores worldwide).


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Testing scale optimization


We have automatized and studied simple processes to optimize websites at scale (we built the alpha version of open source plugin MatrixSEO, another product of ours).

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Connecting Prestashop and Vector watches


We interconnected an instance of Prestashop with a Vector watch. We released the app into Vector’s Appstore for other shop owners to download for free.

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Test mall with 600k products


We built a test marketplace with more than 600k products to study how the traffic is handled by the hardware&software combination. We simulated more than 10M visitors/day.

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Peteco first architectural planning


We started the first mockups for Peteco, first UI version and initial coding

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First graphic concept


We prepared the first graphic concept about how we believe the future of e-commerce should look like and more coding;

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Partnership signed


We partnered up with an important distributor in Eastern Europe, to invest in the development of a centralized social marketplace namely;

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We built the entire framework behind the solution and a lot of hardcore coding.

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Testing the UI


The UI was ready to be tested in an alpha version and more hardcore coding.

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Testing the internal alpha version


We already started testing the internal alpha version of the centralized Peteco and a lot of hardcore coding;

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Presentation movie


The presentation movie based on real user interface and hardcore coding.

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Preparing the launch of


Hardcore coding before the launch of

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Launching Peteco PreICO


Hardcore coding and launch of PreICO (roadmap, SAFT).

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20/07/2018 launch, start of the first marketing campaigns and hardcore bug hunting.

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Planning the decentralized version


Technological planning for the decentralized version of Peteco (release of the whitepaper).

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First shops in


First shops integration into centralized

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First e-commerce transactions


First e-commerce transactions and full-scale tests with the entire centralized

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Peteco’s first tokens


Send PreICO tokens to investors.

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First open source code


Release of the first open source code of the decentralized version of Peteco.

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Test of devNET (developer’s initial network).

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Test of mainNet.

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External shops integration


First integrations of external shops with the decentralized version of Peteco.

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Traditional payment gateways


First tests with traditional (fiat) payment processors (Romania and at least one more UE country).

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Crypto payment gateways


First tests with crypto payment gateways localized in Europe.

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More partner nodes


Partner campaign to bring more partner blockchain nodes of the Peteco network.

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Bringing in more customers


Marketing campaign to attract new customers (pet owners).

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Attracting NGO partners


NGO campaign to attract donation partners (donations).

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Timing is everything. Still, because future is hard to predict we can delay some tasks by 150% more time in case of missing funding. But we are here to stay! (Last updated: May 17, 2018 at 13:38 pm)